S Funeral

It is always hard to photograph a funeral especially if you know the person which in this case, I did. Editing and enhancing funeral photos are very draining but well worth it. I think I got some special shots... I like the mountains in the first shot because he was very outdoorsy and to have the mountains near by just seems nice. The two next black and white photos are of some of his grandchildren...


G Baby

Julio (my husband) has been busy playing with Photoshop tutorials and wanted to try photo compositing. So, I took the picture of the sweet little baby and he enhanced her with the mushroom and everything else. I couldn't be prouder of him... I think it turned out so beautiful with a touch of whimsical. What do you think?? I'm excited to she what else he can do!
This is Julio's second photo composite of the day... (click to enlarge) it is seriously so amazing! There is a total of 4 different pictures in this one picture. Isn't he so clever?!!


My Niece W

These pictures are of my cute niece, Whitney. I took these pictures up at her parents home and a few down by the railroad tracks but those ones will be coming later.

Whit and her sweet dog, Zorro...

I REALLY like how this one turned out...
Julio showed me a new technique!

This one has to be one of my all time favorites.
Doesn't she look like an angel...


Baby B

This cute little nugget was so sweet! He was really easy to work with but I didn't get very many awake photos as I would have liked. But just one look at him sleeping, makes me want to snuggle up and take a nap myself.
I found this awesome trunk at a thrift store for $10...
best find ever!!

I totally swiped the ideas for the following 2 announcements from the internet but I don't care... I still love them!!

This is a simple collage but I love all the many shots of him...

Knowing me, I had to sneak a least one antiqued photo in....


A Wedding Sign-In Book

I recently finished a Wedding Guest Sign-In Album and I put all the pictures are on my scrapbooking blog "The Paper Beehive". But I wanted to come over to this blog and show it off to. I didn't take the pictures but it still relates to pictures or at least that is my excuse. :)

Here is a sneak peek but click HERE to view it all.

Again, I did NOT take these pictures,
I just made the pages.


Baby L

This was the youngest baby I've professionally shot... 5 days old! Oh she was so sweet. I loved editing these pictures... little babies have to be my favorite pictures to take and enhance.
This hat was wonderful...
don't you just love that big flower too?!I know what you are thinking...
this picture is so sad but I just love it!
So content...


B Wedding

This couple was the sweetest! I took these pictures up at the Bountiful Temple. It was freezing with some light snow flurries but the sun and clouds worked out nicely.

Even with the clouds, the temple is so beautiful!

I love to see a little cheering for the happy couple!!
This is the couples immediate family members...

We had to get a few of just the beautiful bride...

This one is one of my favs...